Greetings. Fredrick the Chronicler here again. In doing my research on the events leading up to the Siege of Sternz, several names have caught my attention, names of those who will potentially play vital roles during the upcoming siege. Time will tell how their actions in the coming days will influence the course of history, but I anticipate that this is just the beginning of their travail.


A skilled swordsman and experienced soldier, but unsure of his leadership abilities. Not only is he worried about the Elven army but he also fears sending his team to their deaths. Although unsure of himself, he has been chosen to lead The Unbroken, and that says more about him than anything else could.


Finding an Orc this far from the Eacru Wastes is rare in and of itself, but one that fights alongside humans is unheard of. Most Orcs who travel outside the Wastes become mercenaries, but not Konar. His reasons are his own for fighting, but one thing is for sure, there is an unending pain in his eyes.


A volunteer from Vetin, her archery skills will no doubt prove valuable at the
walls. She may not take many things seriously, she would rather spend her time flirting at the local tavern, don’t let that fool you. When push comes to shove she can stand toe to toe with any archer.


Little is known about him, other than a large black wolf is ever present at his side.


The first non-elf born with magic, an abomination to the Elven religion. Her every breath is an insult to them and they will not stop until she is dead. The war may have been going on for 15 years, but now that it is at her doorstep, she has never felt so responsible for the all death that surrounds her.


The youngest of the Elven Royal Family may seem valiant but his charming demeanor hides ulterior sinister motives. A prince wouldn’t normally wouldn’t travel with an army this far into enemy territory. Known to be more self-indulgent than religious, it is unclear why he would go to Sternz. Perhaps he is searching for something, or someone.