Greetings, I am Fredrick the Chronicler, the chief scholar of the Tarian Library. In light of what is about to happen at the human kingdom of Crixaria’s Capitol, Sternz, I felt it necessary to go back and read all that I could in hopes of finding out the true cause of the current war, and how it might end. It is time I share with you the knowledge that I believe could shed some light on the state of Aclia. To make things easier for all of us I will use the calendar era system BSS or Before the Siege of Sternz. The reason I am choosing the Siege of Sternz is because that siege will be one of the most important historical and political events in all time. Without further ado let us begin by downloading the Aclia Lore Book below.

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Immortal beings who once reigned over the entirety of Aclia and subjugated all men and women of all races to worship them as gods. From the surviving texts of that era, the reign of the Nezdra was not one of peace and prosperity, but rather one of constant fear, hunger, and strife. One can assume that before they were defeated by the Hero of Aclia, there were many rebellions against the Nezdra, probably too many to count, but each time, the Nezdra totally annihilated the attackers.


Few records exist about the Hero of Aclia but what she did changed the course of Aclia forever. There are statues of her erected all throughout Aclia, some of which probably haven’t even been discovered, but even though her name and her race has been lost to the memories of time, her legacy will never die.


The Elves are without a doubt the most powerful on the continent of Azara. Many here in Tarium would say that we are but this is untrue, and call me a blasphemer, but the truth is the truth. They live the longest out of all the races; their resources are more plentiful and exotic, and their civilization is the oldest and most powerful.


The Dwarves, where to start with them. Despite their short stature, the Dwarves are a hardy and resilient people that have been a constant thorn in the elves’ sides. They have always been a cautious and hot headed people. While elves, orcs, and humans are relatively the same height, the dwarves themselves struggle to even reach five feet tall. The mighty Dwarven Kingdom is the second oldest kingdom, followed by the elves. Currently they are ruled by The Crowned King, Gothvar Mortaim, a savage man who hates all elves with a passion.


The countless orcs of the Eacru Wastes, what they lack in structure they more than make up for with brute strength. Never have the Orcs unified or had any kind of structured government. We are not even certain of the size of their population. The orcs are scattered all over the harsh deserts and due to their migratory nature, as well as the orc blood mongers to the north, our best guess is that they number somewhere between 35 and 40 million but no one really knows for sure.


We humans still haven’t figured out how to unify as one. At least the orcs are unified in their tribal ways, we humans don’t even have a common identity and are just as likely to fight each other as much as another race. With around 35 million people we have four unique countries, none of which are even ruled the same.


The magic here on Aclia is simple to explain. Magic is not something that any elf can learn, you have to be born with it. Those who are born with it can trace their heritage back to an ancestor that could also use magic, so our scholars and historians say that the first of the elves must have had magic and over the centuries their blood has been deluded and spread amongst their people. The three kinds of magic that I mentioned earlier;  lightening, ice, and fire, are the only ones that any elf can cast.


Some people would say that love and fear are the strongest driving forces in the world. I would say religion takes that title. What a person chooses to believe in defines their entire life, it defines what happens to them when they pass from this world.


The last report we received was that Imperator Leontina, the most famous Elven general, was about to the cross the Sterling River in Crixaria, only a few day’s march from their capitol at Sternz. The Siege of Sternz will finally put an end to the war once and for all.